How to Create a Perfect Online Dating Profile that Appeals to Jewish Women


Are you looking to meet that perfect Jewish woman that fills all your dreams and is the ideal partner? If so then you probably are well aware of how helpful and convenient it is to use an online dating site or app that is specifically geared towards Jewish dating. However, in order to start meeting people and get on the road to meeting the ideal Jewish woman, you first need to put together a killer profile.

Always Include a Photo

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it, you need to include a photo in your profile. Even if the app or website doesn’t require that you include one, always add one. Now there are a couple of “rules” to keep in mind when you select a photo. Obviously you want to pick one that shows you in a flattering way, but it needs to be fairly recent and pretty accurate. Misleading someone through a photo that isn’t exactly up-to-date isn’t a great way to get started.

Another tip is to make sure the photo contains just you. Don’t pick a picture of you and your buddies, family, or worst of all – an ex-girlfriend. It may be that you need to take a new picture, if so enlist the help of a friend.

Sell Yourself but Be Truthful

A killer profile basically gives you a chance to sell yourself. Yes it sounds bad, but let’s face it, that’s how dating is at the start. While you want to point out your finer points, you need to make sure you are being truthful. Again, it’s all about getting off on the right foot. Honesty will get you far in a relationship.

Keep the Profile Light

Your profile page isn’t the place to pen an in-depth essay about your deeper thoughts and dreams in life. Instead keep your profile light and fun. The deep stuff can come later on as you get to know each other better.

While you don’t want to fall into the trap of using clichés, there is nothing wrong with letting your personality shine and even show a little fun and humor with your words. Or course it should go without saying that your profile also needs to be kept clean.

Check for Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

There is nothing worse than trying to read a poorly written profile that is filled with errors. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you make sure you use spellcheck. It’s also a good idea to take things one step further and have a good friend read your profile. Ask them to look for mistakes and get feedback on whether they think it hits the mark and describes you well.

Make Sure you Update on a Regular Basis

You don’t want your profile to look stagnant on Jewish dating sites, this is basically saying that people aren’t showing an interest in you. In order to prevent this from happening, make sure you update it regularly and get back to people when they message/contact you.

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