Jewish Dating – A Replacement for Mrs. Matchmaker!


If you know anything about Jewish family, then you probably know your mother is already trying to scout you out a good man!  And while she may sometimes say embarrassing thing, you got to hand her this: she really does care about you.

Building a Stronger Family


She knows that when you’re serious about marriage, marrying the wrong guy can be a mistake you regret for the rest of your life.  It is definitely a problem, especially among the non-religious.  Families figure their sons and daughters will marry “the right one” when he comes along.  But if they’re not guided by religious principles, they may well let their son or daughter marry a raging narcissist!


The good thing about marrying another person in the Jewish faith is that it serves as a protection.  A man guided by the words of the Torah and Rabbinic law will strive to be patient, loyal, gentle and a man who supports his family.  A woman similarly will put forth exemplary qualities, like loyalty, respect, compassion and a willingness to work, while also being a good mother.  These are qualities that make for a strong family.


Why Online Matches Are Far Better


The question is, doesn’t mom know better than an impersonal online dating service or online app?  Doesn’t she know you and know the type of guy you like?


Well in theory she may…but then again, she doesn’t know everything about you.  She doesn’t know the way you think, or your deeply personal preferences that only you know.  She also may think she’s a good judge of character, but sometimes human error is flawed.  We tend to see only the appearance a person projects—not the secret person of the heart.


Now it’s true that an online service can’t promise you a scientific match, no company can claim that.  What you do get, however, is a filtering feature that allows you to narrow down your selection among Jewish singles, and based on attributes like: age, body shape, income level, and personality.  You can tell a lot about a person from their profile description and some of the ice breaking questions that online dating sites provide.


Online dating sites also provide you with a steady supply of possible suitors, and all within the proximity of your choosing.  You no longer have to wait months on end just for a new friendly face to pop up in your neighborhood.  In fact, it might be a good idea to bring your mother and or father into the searching process so they can offer their input.  This way, it will give them a feeling of inclusion.


You don’t want to totally rely on your mother’s matchmaking.  On the other hand, you don’t want to blindly trust all online matches either.  Use discernment.  Think about possible “red flags” when looking at a man’s profile.  If you search for another Jewish single, and use these criteria in narrowing your selection, you can find a marriage partner worthy of your love.


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