Jewish Dating Rules


Jewish dating

Jewish culture is rich and interesting. There are many cultural differences that can make dating a Jewish man or woman a confusing experience for non-Jewish people. There are a few key rules to keep in mind when it comes to Jewish dating.

Most of these rules and traditions when it comes to Jewish dating are dictated by the Torah, and therefore play a big part in the romantic relationships of people in this culture.

1. Don’t look for your soul mate if you’re not happy with yourself
The wisdom in this rule can be applied to anyone. Basically, Jewish people believe that you can’t truly find the person you’re meant to be with unless you’ve come accepted yourself for who you are.

Even if you find the most amazing person ever, you can’t know if they’re the one that you can be happy with for the rest of your life if you aren’t yet happy with yourself.

So, if you’re thinking about dating someone Jewish, be sure that you’re happy with who you are as a person first.

2. Your soul mate is your other half
This might sound like it contradicts the first rule. While it is crucial to be happy with yourself first, being on your own is not the way to lead a happy life – for most anyone.

They believe that the soul mate is complimentary to you in every way and therefore it is meant to be a relationship where two people are better because of each other.

If you think about it, this makes perfect sense paired with the first rule. You can’t become better and happier together if you weren’t happy with yourself in the first place!

If you’re interested in dating a Jewish person, you have to be prepared to love deeply. Your partner will be fiercely loyal to you and will want to be a big part of your life if they feel like you might want to be the one. They will always push you and motivate you, but they won’t try to change you.

3. Don’t go into a relationship for the potential
Basically, this rule is saying that you should be happy with the person you are within the present, not who you think they might be able to change into down the line.

While it’s true that people grow and change over time, often for the better, it’s not a guarantee that this will happen. It’s also not a guarantee that you’ll like the person they become either. So it’s much better to be with someone that you like just as they are, no changes required.

This doesn’t mean that Jewish men or women will expect you to be flawless. It just means that they should not be dating you if any of those flaws are deal breakers, or something that they can’t envision themselves being with forever.

This doesn’t mean your Jewish partner will be complacent with all your shortcomings. They will always help you grow, but they’ll do it out of love, not because they want you to change.

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