Jewish Men: What They Want and All the Hype


Dating for anyone is a matter of personal preference. Yet, somehow, stereotypes develop and as a white or Asian woman, a black woman or even a Jewish woman, you have to wonder where to start in the dating world and if a Jewish man will be interested.

Did You Know the Stereotype is Alive and Well?

The stereotype is that Jewish men are looking for Asian women. There are many people who encourage the stereotype, noting they know numerous couples where the female is Asian and the male is a white, Jewish fellow. Meanwhile, there are studies to show the veracity of this stereotype. It can help women understand their chances of snagging a Jewish man if that happens to be what you are looking for in an interracial relationship.

Survey Says: Jewish Men are Looking for White Ladies

For the most part, Jewish men are found to be looking for white women. This is at a rate of 65% in some cases. Meanwhile, the rate of Jewish men who are reported to be actively seeking an Asian female for a relationship is comparable to the numbers of Jewish men who are seeking Hispanic women.
Studies say 19% of Jewish men seek an Asian female for a love interest, while 17% look for Hispanic women. Interestingly enough, and bad news for the black ladies, only 3% of Jewish men are looking for the darker complected lovelies to spend time with romantically.

In another study, it was proven that white men get the most responses from women who are white, black or Asian. Therefore, a Jewish man is most likely to get attention from the woman he shows interest in, no matter which category she fits into. This is great news for you if you are a Jewish man. Your social calendar is going to fill up fast.

Ladies: Act Fast if You Want a Jewish Man

Meanwhile, for the ladies, keep in mind that competition for that white, Jewish stud is going to be fierce. Don’t be afraid to show your interest, particularly if he reaches out to you first. Let him know that you want to see how things go with the two of you. That way, you won’t miss out on your romantic connection by attempting to play hard-to-get.

Jewish men, here’s a tip for you: Write back to these interracial dating apps! The ladies are reaching out or are answering your message. Don’t just stop messaging or let a lot of time go by before you get back to them. Interested ladies aren’t going to wait around forever. They want to hear back from you and know that you are interested in seeing where things can go with them.

Remember, if you don’t answer you are likely to stay single. And in the meantime, all those ladies of all skin colors and ethnicity are hooking up with and finding meaningful relationships with another, luckier guy. Get those typing fingers moving, gentlemen!

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