Learning the Ins and Outs of Dating from the Jewish Perspective


Dating is a time-consuming and challenging process. You need to be honest with the other person without telling them everything. You need to discuss important subjects to see if you both want to head in the same direction, but you don’t want to scare them off by sharing every dream and plan you have for the rest of your life. You need to show you can learn about them without seeming creepy or like a potential stalker.

This makes dating scary at the same time as it is exciting. Add in the elements of interracial dating and/or different religions, and you may want to stay home and skip the process. However, dating someone who is Jewish can have some significant meaning to it. It helps to know these elements.

Jewish Religion is Passed Down through The Mother

Did you know that as a non-Jewish woman, if you were to marry a Jewish man, his children would not be considered Jews? This would change if you decide to convert to Judaism. However, if you marry the man and refuse to convert to his faith, then there is no way your children could be considered Jewish.
This may be a big reason why, if you fall in love with a Jewish man but not his faith, you may end up brokenhearted. He will want to share his religion with his offspring. That means marrying a woman who is Jewish or will convert to Judaism for him and their future offspring.

Jewish Men and Women Should be Honest

According to the Torah, misleading another is prohibited. Therefore, all of your actions and words in your dating process should be honest and straightforward.

There is no reason to lead someone on or give the impression you are interested in things they are when you actually have no interest in moving toward marriage or children with them.

Have the Support of an Understanding Family

It is very important when looking for a future spouse that you consider your family’s reaction to that person. There will be gatherings where they will have to interact with your significant other, so it helps to have family that will understand cultural and ethnic differences and love your significant other with all of their hearts anyway.

If your family tends to be close-minded or unwelcoming to those of a different race or who do not share their beliefs and values, you have to make a very important choice. It may be wise, if you feel you are not strong enough to live without the family’s approval, to find someone that will be a better fit for your life and your family’s expectations.

If you feel strong enough, however, it will be important to be ready to limit family contact when it comes to protecting your significant other from their less than welcoming attitudes. For those who are independent and already have limited contact with their blood relatives, this won’t be an issue at all. That makes it much easier to find the love of your life and not stress about the way they will fit into the family you grew up with.

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