Three Musts For that First Date with a Jewish Person


Taking the big step and meeting someone for a first date is exciting. It can also be challenging, since you may have met on a dating app or web site. You may have no idea what they really want out of this meeting, and they likewise don’t know what you are thinking. That is why, if you are a Jewish person trying to find someone at the same point on the dating time line as you, it is important to consider these three things.

Be Honest Right From the Start

The first date is a great time to get to know the basics. However, don’t be afraid to touch on some of the more serious topics. Talk about whether one of you recently broke up with someone, whether you have been single and lonely for years and whether the intention is to get serious or simply to expand your social circle.

Honesty is going to be important at every step in your relationship, particularly where interracial dating is concerned. During your dating years, you both need to learn about each other and see if the long-term is going to work. During your marriage, honesty can diffuse a tense situation more quickly. Finally, as you try to parent new little people, honesty between the two of you is going to be the only way to be sure you are backing each other up when you need to. It is important to make honesty the top priority in any relationship. It is even more important when your relationship and your cultural and/or religious beliefs are going to need to mesh well.

Tell Them What You See in Your Future

Marriage and kids and traveling abroad are big topics. You may want to hide away your dreams and desires and not scare off this new person in your life. However, when you keep all of that for later, you may be spending time with someone who has no interest in any of the things you are working toward. That means a waste of both of your time. That can be a big deal for people who are hoping to have children and have a biological clock ticking in their ear.

Talk about Values and the Way They Fit Into Your Life

Everyone has some idea of the values and character traits that they want to see in their significant other. Sometimes, you meet someone and all of that goes out the window. However, you can also want and need to see some qualities in a person before you can commit to giving away your heart. Consider what is most important to you in order to see what may be a deal breaker in terms of happily ever after. Make sure to see how the other person responds to these two or three must-haves you decided you need to see. Then, you can understand better if an interracial relationship can move forward or if it is better to consider the meeting a fun outing and not a precursor to more serious dating in the future.

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