Why Jewish Dating Mostly Happens Online


Jewish dating

No one’s got a chastity belt tied to them, so casual dating is no big deal, right?  But SERIOUS dating, including Jewish dating is very important business, especially to a young man or woman who takes their faith seriously.  Serious dating involves lifelong decisions.  This is the guy or girl you’re going to take home to meet your mother, father, grandmother and aunts and uncles.  This has got to be someone you really care about because it’s an investment in your future.

Make no mistake about it, a marriage built on sexual attraction but absent of love and personal compatibility would be miserable!  Not only would you be prone to fighting, but you would also find it unbearably lonely to share a bed with someone you don’t trust, don’t love and don’t know how to please.

Why Religious Compatibility Matters

This is why parents put such emphasis on finding a marriage mate who shares the same principles, values, morals and religious convictions.  Studies show that partners who share important life goals and perspectives have the longest-lasting relationships.  When your goals differ from your partner’s, you tend to drift apart.

However, if you can find another eligible person that shares your Jewish faith, then it’s a much better bet that you will have lifelong compatibility.  You will share goals like putting family first, raising children to be compassionate, smart and career-focused.  Most of all, you would instill a respect for morals and religious values into your children, as this brings honor to a Jewish family.  You would show honor to your parents by following in the path they set for you—namely by putting your religiously-guided conscience above all other things.  This will help you choose a partner that’s good for you—one that has a positive effect on you as a person.

Why the Online Solution Works

Naturally, when you’re looking for a serious love connection you’re limited by proximity.  This is why your mother may try extra hard to make friends, make acquaintances, and match you up with someone she knows and likes.  The problem is when you leave marriage up to proximity, and up to a small circle of friends, you miss out on more quality partners and better matches!

Using an online matching service specifically created for Jewish singles can give you access to a much wider selection.  You can also filter out the wrong type of partner (physically, or by age, income level or interest), and focus more on the right kind of partner.  Choosing only among successful Jewish singles guarantees that you’ll have a better marriage than simply falling for whatever guy/girl comes along—and one who might not believe the same fundamentals that you do.  (Not to mention if he or she’s unemployed or underemployed!)

You only get married once, and a failed marriage is really a lifelong stress.  Don’t stress out your family by becoming yoked with a partner who won’t appreciate you, or won’t share your morals and principles.  Find someone who loves you, loves your family and loves the same Jewish lifestyle and faith.

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